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Property Management Maintenance During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Kevin Ducros

Kevin Ducros

In this article, we will be discussing some of the activities and good practices in terms of property management maintenance and job repairs in this time of the pandemic. Most property management companies have automated systems that allow them to follow-up with repair jobs, keep track of what has been done, and communicate with tenants and owners. The essential goal is to provide high quality efficiently while keeping costs down.

Property management maintenance practices during covid-19

Main Issues with Covid-19

  • Tenants are avoiding to generate repair orders in order to prevent outsiders from entering the property and to avoid contact with other people.
  • Maintenance and job repairs have decreased substantially compared to other years.
  • The lack of maintenance requirements clearly reflects that there are issues that are not being noticed and addressed.

Submit maintenance requests to prioritize what needs to be done first


Due to this situation, most property management companies have recommended their tenants to not submit maintenance requests if they are not an emergency. However, at MRM we encourage our tenants to submit repair requests so later on with our maintenance team prioritize what needs to be done first. Subsequently, this will reduce the number of hidden issues not being addressed and that will pile up. We need to keep in mind that when the pandemic is contained, there is going to be a huge amount of maintenance jobs that will need to be performed. It is necessary to take preventive and proactive actions now.


Good Practices 

First and most importantly, we need to adhere to the biosafety protocols dictated by the health department. Any job repair that has to be performed under these protocols. Social distancing, the use of masks, and carefully sanitizing anything before and after the job is done are some of the essential practices. It is all about the balance between the maintenance need and the safety of the personnel involved. biosafety protocols sanitize everything before and after each job repair

At MRM, we care for our tenants and we help them feel more comfortable by sending them notifications when a repair request is submitted. We are also telling our tenants and owners exactly what is being performed during a repair to prevent exposure. Moreover, we make sure to communicate with them how we are constantly preventatively protecting them as well as the technicians involved in these repairs. We arrange repairs when tenants are not at home in order to minimize the exposure of the personnel, and as stated before we assure them that all the protective equipment is being worn during the whole process.

Communication is one of the core values of our organization. At MRM, we focus on positive and constant communication with tenants and owners. We want our clients to feel comfortable when submitting requests. In these situations, it is important to develop a 360° communication with our clients in order to be in control, as property managers we finally decide what is critical and what isn’t in terms of repairs. We want to take that responsibility from our tenants by encouraging them to make the requests so we can carefully analyze and arrange accordingly.

maintenance as a crucial factor of customer satisfaction

Maintenance as a Crucial Aspect of Customer Satisfaction

Maintenance is key for tenant retention and customer satisfaction. The online reputation of the property management companies is tremendously affected by the time it takes to complete a management request and how these requests are handled. Setting expectations with clear communication will keep clients satisfied even if maintenance repairs take a little longer. As communication is critical, and so is working through those hidden issues systematically.personal protection equipment for covid-19

Encourage tenants to submit maintenance requests, arrange and fulfill safely these requests, prioritize, and communicate effectively with everyone are the keys to come forward from this crisis. As everyone is going through some changes in their lives due to the pandemic, it is important to be empathetic with everyone. It is really an opportunity for your company to show up that you are on a different level and that you can adapt to adverse situations. It is the time to make the difference and elevate the industry making communication and the way you handle adversity your competitive advantage.


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