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Frequently Asked Questions About Vacation Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions About Miami Property Management


Most frequent questions and answers

Short term rental sites like AirBnB and VRBO make it sound like renting out a home or property is easy, but there is actually a lot involved! From listing to booking and guest verification to cleaning and maintenance, there is a lot to managing a vacation rental. Before you rent, it is worth getting educated (see our blog) and running the numbers to be sure they make sense.

Vacation rental management companies are just property management companies specializing in short-term rentals. Different companies offer different arrays of services; MRMVR, for example, offers the entire range of services so our hosts can sit back and enjoy passive profit and a return on investment.

Fees vary from company to company, and are usually a portion of the rental price. If you would like a quote from us, reach out and we can set up a time to talk.

Vacation rentals make money when 1) they are occupied, and 2) when they have a price that reflects current demand. Price the rental too high, and renters will say “pass.” But price too low, and you leave money on the table.


MRMVR gets around this dilemma with data. We keep tabs on local events and know what the seasonal demand is. That way, we can always charge the best price while ensuring that your property is occupied for as long as possible, maximizing your profits. It’s a win-win.

Property management companies oversee the daily operations and maintenance of real estate assets. While many companies manage residential complexes (like apartment buildings), there has been a surge in home rentals and vacation rentals, thanks to sites like AirBnB and VRBO. 


Some property management companies (like MRMVR) have become short-term rental management companies, developing a specialty in vacation rentals and luxury property management. But in the end, we do what all good property management companies do: We handle renters, maintain property assets, and help owners realize a profit on their investment.

It depends. Property managers in Florida, as well as larger national rental property companies, can offer a wide array of services and have different fee structures. Your fee is almost always a portion of the rent collected. To know what a company charges, it is best to sit down with one and review your portfolio. You can make an appointment with us here.

Florida property management can be challenging. Not only is there a patchwork of local codes and laws, but things like guest expectations, fickle weather, and the need for quick turnover can make managing a property well quite the chore. Miami property management is no exception.


This is why it pays to go with a local Florida property management company, as opposed to a national chain. We not only understand the local market, but are aware of the unique needs of rental homes in the area.