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Innovative Projects in Miami


In this new blog post, we will be checking out and reviewing some of the top new innovative projects in Miami. Each one of these unique projects shares the passion of bringing into the hospitality industry a wide variety of features and innovative concepts that will take the industry to a different level. The two […]

Best Things To Do in Miami Beach

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Miami Beach, considered to be one of the most visited sites in the state, located between the Atlantic Ocean and Key Biscayne is one of the most famous vacation spots on earth. Well known for its particular art-deco architecture, throwback hotels, insatiable nightlife, a wide range of dining establishments, most exclusive shopping stores, white beaches, […]

How to Find the Perfect Investment Property?

how to find the perfect investment property

If you are thinking of purchasing a property or you are looking to boost your investment portfolio by adding rental properties, this article is for you. Investment properties could be a very rewarding investment if managed correctly. Therefore, finding the perfect and suitable investment property for you is a crucial step in the success of […]

Why Choose Short Term Rental vs Long Term?

Short term Rental vs Long term Rental

As a property owner or investor, you will come to a very important question and decision to make: would you choose to use your property for short term rental or long term? Both strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to remember that when you invest time and money into a property, […]