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Innovative Projects in Miami

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In this new blog post, we will be checking out and reviewing some of the top new innovative projects in Miami. Each one of these unique projects shares the passion of bringing into the hospitality industry a wide variety of features and innovative concepts that will take the industry to a different level. The two projects we will be featuring in this article are: Legacy Hotels and Residences, and Natiivo.

Legacy Hotels and Residences

This impressive project will be located at the heart of Downtown Miami. With direct access to everything, it would be a magnificent destination for world tourists and business professionals, as it is claimed to be “the biggest mixed-use development in the US after the New York Hudson Yards”. Legacy-hotel-and-Residences-Miami

The Legacy Hotels and Residences will be a branded mixed resort that will combine world-class hospitality experience and luxury vacation residences. Each one of these options brings its advantages and disadvantages to the table, making it a perfect mix for the modern traveler. As informed on their website, Legacy was created based on four key fundamental trends.

  1. The growth of luxury travel: The luxury travel market will continue to see growth in revenue over the next 5 years. The high net worth population is also expected to increase. Finally, millennials are expected to inherit $68T from baby boomers over the next 10 years.
  2. The desire for lifestyle experiences: The demand for lifestyle hotels in the US grew at a year over year rate of 8% vs general hotel demand which only grew 2%. Experiential tourism meaning that a big percentage of people are willing to spend more money on experiences than items.
  3. Demand for wellness and medical tourism: Wellness travelers pay a 20% higher average daily rate than regular travelers. Medical tourism is expected to continue to grow an average of 25% each year. US travelers bookings for wellness experiences jumped 82% year over year while globally they have grown 69%.
  4. The rise of vacation rentals: 44% of travelers rank full kitchen as their first or second priority when searching for amenities as they would rather cook and eat in while on vacation. Travelers also want access to laundry facilities.

The Legacy Hotels and Residences is really an ambitious project that aims to change residential hospitality and the industry forever. Featuring a spectacular 40 ft high lobby with glass elevators, a signature international restaurant, first of its kind international business lounge, and much more. The one-acre pool deck located on the 9th floor is the largest downtown hotel pool deck with multiple water features, signature restaurants, and bars. The rooftop atrium offers event space with full-service bars and restaurants.

Units are fully furnished Microluxe residences, with custom kitchens, bath cabinetry with stone finishes. Each unit has LG all-in-one washer and dryer and floor to ceiling glass windows. On the other hand, the Legacy offers 50,000 sqft of a medical clinic with suites for health and performance, fitness studios, vitality spa, sauna, altitude training room, cryotherapy chambers, and much more.

Natiivo Miami

The Natiivo project in Miami is located in downtown Miami giving residents full access to all of the entertainment the city has to offer, including art, architecture, culture, dining, shopping, and much more. The main vision of the project is to provide its residents with the possibility to live as a Native as they experience Miami´s most exciting urban destination. Desirably located at Miami´s heart-growing cultural hub. Miami is considered to be the second most visited Airbnb city in the United States thanks to the fact of its proximity to international airports and transportation hubs. natiivo

Evoking the innovative cultural essence of Downtown Miami, these fully finished and furnished designer apartments with beautiful city and water views fulfill the dreams of urban luxury living. Natiivo´s vision of home is completely redefined to an extension of the resident, a place of ease and comfort. Combining this innovative feature of providing all the luxuries and services of a hotel and the freedom of homesharing your condo as you want. Natiivo is a “balanced approach to rustic and modern, urban and organic, within downtown Miami’s most exciting destination”.

Natiivo is considered to be the first purposefully designed, built, and licensed building for homesharing. As stated before in the Legacy example, Natiivo also shares all the benefits of homesharing and short-term vacation rentals. From masterhost, to housekeeping and VIP amenities, Natiivo offers a turnkey solution that truly benefits the ownership and management process.

MRM is Here to Help

Our experienced and talented group of specialists at MRM can assist you with the purchasing process in any of these projects. We have a dedicated real estate team that will help you with all of your needs and requirements. Moreover, we can also help you with the whole property management process for your vacation rental investment. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and guidance, MRM is here to help.

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